Dashin – along pandemic covid-19


Dashin is one of the most celebrated festival of nepalese peoples. Usally peple who are in their study or work in or out of the country, the come to origin contry in order to celebrate the dashin . But as previous it is not any easy task to celebrate dashin this yerar as we are suffering from most infectious disease up to now nobel corona virus.

people from foreign can arrive nepal by following all the rules provided by WHO. beacuse this disease is easily transferred from one person top another by different medium. Thefore people comming from foreign should be aware about the nepal and neplese society and the situation of nepali health sector.

they should have knowledege about the way the virus cannot transform from one person to another. Because the virus damages the immune system and can bring the person to the mouth of death.

We all nepalses can celebrate our festival by creating social distance among as well as using masks and using the sanitizers in effective. Following these thing is good for all beacusae there is less chance for communication of such virus. Therefore we can celebrate our great festival with out having loss due to the pandemic.

we all people are equal for our parents or our lovers. We must do not have hated feeling regarding the people coming from foreign countries. In place of that we must teach them the methods that can stop the virus transfering among prople. we must love all care all and help each other to celebarate the festival happily and we nepalse as wll the world must walk with the thinking of btotherhood.

Some where our corrrupt governent is applying methods to reduce the dangers created by covid-19. if possible We must cooperate with the government and go forward with pandemic reducing the risks. If this virus spreads we can have alot of lose of people. So is time we all nepalse must get awared about the peoblems resulting due to the pandemic covid-19.


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